Measurements are taken on your gemstones.
Your gem is graded at our GGTL.IN laboratory.
Gem identified and alloted with ID number.

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Evolving from habitual method steering towards advanced technology oriented gem Testing. GGTL.IN engaged in offering Gem Testing and identification facility. We render unbiased gemological testing services to general public as well as gem and jewellery industry. Our Lab is well equipped with most advanced gem testing equipments and well trained professionals to offer the best service in short possible time frame. Alongside 20+ Years of Gemology Field experience, have begun our Gem testing laboratory at Nagercoil in 2021. We made gem testing report very simple, to authenticate your gem certificate on our website..

Unbeatable testing and grading services

GGTL.IN provides industry leading accuracy and precision in reporting by testing all gems by qualified and experienced gemologists using advanced testing equipment
Our Service
We provide absolute, outstanding testing for an assortment of gemstones with natural and artificial counterfeit. Our gem testing laboratory is situated in Nagercoil, quite possibly the most renowned business regions in Tamilnadu, India.
Gemstone Identification
Gemstone can be submitted as unmounted or mounted in jewellery, carving, beads, as well as rough stones.

Diamond screening
Lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. To identify the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds, we screeners examine by 'D-TECT' and 'DFI' systems.
Diamond grading
Grading report examining diamonds either unmounted or mounted in jewellery (ear tops, bangles, pendant etc).

Biogenic Gems
Pearl, Coral and Ivory species gem analysis was carried out mainly to separate these natural materials from imitations (cultured).
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GGTL.IN website gives accurate details on the gemstone verification just in a click. These reports are helpfull in selling gemstones.
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We had given our diamonds for grading and knowing its genuineness and quality and their results were accurate and international standard
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Excellent certification of Gems - Coloured stones and diamonds and jewellery testing laboratory. Highly recommended!
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