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We provide absolute, outstanding testing for an assortment of gemstones with natural and artificial counterfeit. Our gem testing laboratory is situated in Nagercoil, quite possibly the most renowned business regions in Tamilnadu, India.

Analysis and Testing

GGTL.IN receives the valuable Gemstone and registers the customer details. We will likewise do a preliminary analysis and observe the Gemstone's depiction, weight, and other important data which will be recorded into our database. Our gemologist will clean the Gemstone to be set under a magnifying lens and starts a fastidious cycle of methodological assessment. Each scientific analysis produces information that is deliberately put away in the database to reduce human blunder.
The aim of the cutter is to try and retain as much weight as possible whilst ensuring that the most attractive color is visible through the table facet. It is also critical that the cutter adheres to certain angles and proportions in order to maximize overall brilliance in the gemstone.
Colour Rating can be applied to the major types of high-value coloured gemstones. Assesses different characteristics of the gemstone that contribute to its beauty, the rarity and attractivity. All colour rating overblown by the Spectral Output Distribution of the light source used to view them. Certain colours visible to our eyes are not clonable either in print or on screen.


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Unbeatable testing and grading services

GGTL.IN provides industry leading accuracy and precision in reporting by testing all gems by qualified and experienced gemologists using advanced testing equipment