About Us

GGTL.IN is an international gemstone testing facility specializing in comprehensive gemstone analysis evolving through the decades since 1950’s.
Evolution of gold jewellery production by their grandfather Thirupathisaram Mr.S. SanthiKavalaPerumal @ Thangam Achary, Alongside Establishment as Geethanjali Gems firm by his son Mr.T.S.Ramakrishnan Achary Father of present GeethanjaliGems Gems group Directors Mr.R.Rajachandrasekar and Mr.R.RamPrasath
A completely independent subsidiary of the Geethanjali Group, GGTL.IN Lab uses the latest science and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out its analyses.
Since then the GGTL.IN Gem Lab has grown to become one of the most respected organisation of its kind in this gemmology business world.
We have a imperishable tradition of expertise in the field of gemstone testing and reporting.
On this basis we do issue highly respected Gemmological Reports, which are relied upon by general public, jewellers, gem traders globally who are looking for unbiased, independent and absolutely trustworthy opinions about their gems.

According to the Directors Mr.Rajachandrasekar and Mr.RamPrasath Vision, believes that in the fast-changing world evolution is the only constant.
“The world is changing at a fast pace, so are the tastes and preferences of the consumer. An entrepreneur must evolve their organisation according to the customer. GGTL.IN reveals the often-stressful dynamics in a business, evolving the leadership style along the way, and the unique realities involved in becoming a prominent successful business firm.